Using Google Home/Assistant

If you have a Google Home, you can use it to read your recipes to you!

However, because Recipe Folder needs to be able share access to your recipes with the Google Assistant you have a few steps you have to perform first. Full details on how to Setup and Link Apps can be found at the Google Home Help Center:

Step 1

Open the Google Home App on your Phone:

Next Click the Hamburger menu in the upper left corner:

Click on the Explore link, just underneath the Google Assistant section.

If you don't see the Google Assistant, you are not currently linked to your Google Home device. See the following instuctions from Google on how to find and setup your Google Home device:

Type "Recipe Folder" in the Search box.

Click on Recipe Folder.

Now click on the "Link" blue button (you have to link your Recipe Folder Account, so that Google Home knows who you are). You will be taken to the Recipe Folder website to login (or if you are already Logged In, the linking will just happen in the background).

Now you can either talk to recipe folder in the Assistant on your phone, or go to you Google Home and say "Talk to Recipe Folder".