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What is Recipe Folder?

How many times have you printed out a recipe from your computer to use in your kitchen? Or emailed yourself a recipe because you couldn't read the small print of a recipe website on your phone? Or tried to find the bookmark for the recipe you were planning for dinner in the hundreds of other recipe bookmarks you have? Recipe Folder simplifies recipe management on your mobile device by allowing you save recipes to Recipe Folder on your computer and then access them at any time on your phone or tablet.

Recipe Folder is an App that allows you to save recipes from the web onto your mobile device. When browsing the web on your computer, you either click a bookmark, or use if you are Google Chrome user a Chrome Extension to save the recipe to your account. Then from the App, all the recipes you have saved will be available in a format designed for easy reading on that device.

Read the simple instructions below, or follow the video tutorials and you will be saving recipes in no time.

Start saving recipes in 5 easy steps


Create an account

Sign up for a Recipe Folder account.

Get the Bookmarklet or Extension

If you are using Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Recipe Folder extension.

Or to get the bookmarklet drag the "Save Recipe" button below onto your bookmark bar.

Save Recipe Click and drag to your bookmarks toolbar

If you are unsure on how to add a bookmarklet or how to use the bookmarklet, please go to our tutorials page.


Grab the Recipe Folder App

The android version of the App can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the IOS App Store.

Get Recipes

Go to your favorite recipe site, find the recipes you want to save and click either the bookmarklet, or use the extension to save the recipes.

View the recipes in your app

Now when you load your Recipe Folder App on your device, all of the recipes you have saved will be there for you to view.